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Simple Dairy is a product of Gems Essence. GemsEssence is an India-based software services & consulting company for web and mobile. We are dedicated to build beautiful, intuitive & powerful web applications. We work with our clients to provide a range of professional services, from staff augmentation to complete application development and operational support. We have expertise in modern full-stack development, web and mobile application development, enterprise SaaS development and DevOps across a range of languages and technology stacks.


Languages and technologies we work in include Javascript, React, Flutter, Ruby on Rails, Python, Java, Android/iOS, and many others. We use agile methodology in software development with our own projects, but more importantly our team members will work with your team and fit into your structure. GemsEssence is dedicated to providing services and solutions to meet our clients' information technology challenges and business goals. We do what we do because we truly believe we can make a difference - for your project, for our employees, and for our community.

Customer Management: Instantly access your customer’s complete profile, delivered orders, send SMS on each delivery, send notification, payment history, order bookings, vacations, assign different product rate, delivery charges, send invoices, send conference messages, invite customer to join dairy and many more
Product Management: Each product can be customized with a myriad of settings that help you control user behavior- order cutoff time, in-stock, show on customer app, set the product picture, create product category and set difference unit. we also provide full management of empty bottle and add more details about the products
Order Management: Keep the status of each delivered order and the product to be delivered. Get daily, monthly, yearly product reports, reports in different formats like detailed reports, summary report, single-page reports, Book customer orders, change product delivery quantity instantly and book next day product booking.
Expenses and Profit loss: Our team is working hard to add new features called Expenses Management and Profit loss information provide.
Delivery Boys Management: Instantly check orders delivered by your delivery boy, payment received, order bookings, vacations. You will get a notification after each payment received entries and you are also alerted if the delivery boy changes any record in the delivered order or scheduled order
Milk Collection: Daily morning/evening milk collection from farmers with SMS receipt. Manage (add/delete/update) farmers/vendors from mobile and address. Set up automatic customer payment generation. FAT/SNF charts creation. Milk collection with different methods with FAT only, Fixed-rate and FAT/SNF charts.

Our Features

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Delivery/Sell Features

bulletImgAccess your customer’s complete profile

bulletImgDelivering products to customers through an easy-to-use interface

bulletImgDelivered orders details report and analysis

bulletImgSend SMS on each delivery to customer

bulletImgSend push notification to customer

bulletImgPayment history report

bulletImgAdvance order bookings

bulletImgPre sell report

bulletImgCustomer Vacations Management

bulletImgAssign different product rate to individual customer

bulletImgAdd delivery charges per delivery/per order and more

bulletImgSend invoices on whatsapp, By SMS, On Email and others

bulletImgSend conference messages to customers

bulletImgInvite customer to join dairy and many more

Milk Collection Features

bullet ImgAccess your seller’s complete profile

bullet ImgMilk collection reports

bullet ImgPayment reports

bullet ImgCreate FAT, FAT/SNF Chart

bullet ImgMilk Collection

bullet ImgSend report to Sellers

bullet ImgAnd Many more coming soon


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